A Trusted Atlas: The CEO Roadmap to Newfound Growth


There comes a point in every entrepreneur’s life when he or she no longer has the skill set, desire, bandwidth, time, resources or expertise to get from Point A to Point B. Sometimes that inflection point can be preparing for an acquisition; other times it can be making tough staffing calls to execute against a growth strategy.


As a CEO or business owner, you know exactly how it feels when this moment hits. It is powerful enough to stop you in your tracks, make you question your own abilities, and leave you feeling stuck, unable to inch closer to transformation.


Working as a lawyer for more than 20 years taught me that this feeling is not unique to a certain type of CEO. Conversely, all CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners hit this turning point—the time in which they wished they had a specific roadmap they could follow to facilitate a newfound level of growth of their company.


When I left the field of law in 2012 and founded my own business Entrepreneurial Executives—to provide executive level business expertise to entrepreneurs—I set out to help my clients better navigate this turning point. One of the first action items I often encourage my clients to do is to take the time to step back and focus “on” the business, and not “in” the business. I ask my clients to strategically and intentionally think about how and why they want to grow. We consider the strategy, plan and resources that will facilitate the growth. And then we get to work.


Over the years, I’ve found this inability to get from Point A to Point B happens more regularly and is becoming more complicated to overcome than ever before. That’s because today’s CEOs face many unprecedented challenges, chief among them is lack of resources: lack of time, money and people. Too many businesses today operate without top-notch teams or proper funding, critical factors that prevent a business from achieving its growth imperatives.


What’s more, given how fast business is changing due to technology and the expanding global market, time continues to be a massive challenge to CEOs. Staying relevant and understanding the ever-changing and expanding marketplace continually challenges a CEO’s bandwidth.

April 5, 2018

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