It’s a Complicated World Out There: Everyone Can Use a Little Help in Getting from Point A to Point B


With the landscape becoming more and more complex for business owners, I feel the timing has never been better to tackle this roadblock and provide a tool to clearly see the horizon, ultimately setting a path to accomplish growth. CEO Atlas is an eLearning platform designed to provide a roadmap for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners to follow in order to facilitate the growth of their company. It is the blueprint for getting from Point A to Point B. Just as the components of an atlas direct a driver on their trip, CEO Atlas guides business leaders step by step through the process of their journey. It takes them from where they are currently, evaluates what they need to do in order to prepare for their trip, and advises the steps necessary to execute their plan for being successful.

The curriculum is organized around the core functional area of a business:  operations, finance, team, and brand. Each module allows CEOs to take time and to focus on the action items necessary for growth. Before anyone starts on a trip, they must educate themselves around the rules of the road in order to get to their destination safely. Oddly enough, it is no different in business. At the end of each module, there is a homework assignment. For your benefit, do not skip these tasks. These homework assignments force business owners to actively work “on” their business. The pit stops cause CEOs to stop, reflect, share with others, and learn. As with any road trip, everyone needs to take a break. Do not rush by these, take a moment, stretch your legs, get “out” of the day to day.

The interactive business acumen assessment allows the user to set a starting point. How do you know where you want to go if you do not know where you are now? Gathering the data from the assessment highlights your strengths and weaknesses. Re-taking the assessment when you have completed the course will show how far you have come and where you may need to go back and re-visit. Use the results to know where to spend more time as you move forward on your journey.

By learning the “Rules of the Road”, completing homework, taking the time to assess, learn and act, and leveraging the assessment tools, CEOs can better master their growth strategy. Understanding where more direction is needed and how best to leverage what is done well, is time well spent.

A CEO’s journey is never easy or goes as planned. Keep in mind, it is never a straight path. There are detours and forks in the road when decisions need to be made. But we also know the destination is always worth it. The rewards are bountiful, the landscape exquisite. It is our responsibility to pursue the path, no matter the speed bumps we encounter along the way. We must trust our roadmap, stay the course and enjoy the ride along the way.

July 8, 2019
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