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    So, why don’t we understand in simple terms UI / UX which will make these conversations meaningful for all of us. UX Design means term Buyer experience Design, while UI Design stands for Gui Design. Both elements are key to a product or service and are closely interrelated. But while they are interrelated, the roles themselves are different, discussing different elements of the task and the design discipline. A simplification with the definition could be where UX Design is often a more analytical and technical field, while UI Design is more detailed what we refer to as graphic design. This perhaps oversimplify the gap, but we’ll complement the explanation in a minute.

    Within a more interesting way, we can easily describe UI without UX looks like a painter painting on a canvas without the thoughts or image while UX without UI is a mere frame without the canvas or paper onto it. So overall both are essential for any products success.

    UX design can be a human-first strategy for designing products. It is just a conglomeration of tasks focused on optimization of an product for effective and enjoyable use.

    Out of the box available on Wikipedia:

    • Buyer design (UXD or UED) is the procedure of enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty by increasing the usability, simplicity, and pleasure provided in the interaction involving the customer as well as the product.

    Therefore that irrespective of its medium, UX Design encompasses every interactions from the potential or active customer as well as a company. Like a scientific process it could be used on anything, street lamps, cars, etc., but, it’s a term more found in a digital niche for web and mobile apps

    UI or Gui design, however, could be the look and feel, design, presentation and interactivity of an product. Put simply, UI may be the complement from the UX design, and also the way to make use of the research, testing, development, content and test results into a simple to use, attractive and responsive design for customers. Generally, UI is responsible for transforming products strength into a great looks to boost buyer experience.

    So in conclusion:

    • Interface Design is in charge of creating as well as improving the user’s experience.

    • Interface Design can be a process of visually guiding the person by having a product’s interface within an attractive, guiding and responsive way for users.

    Is One More valuable Than The Other?

    I am sure you already know a better solution using the previous lines.

    "Something seems great but is hard to make use of is exemplary of effective UI and poor UX. While Something very usable that appears terrible is exemplary of great UX and poor UI."

    So, both being crucial, and complement the other. They call for different professional profiles and the capability to communicate targeting just one objective: The best quality experience for the user, probably the most appealing way you can.

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