Congratulations on taking the time away from your business to focus on your business. There is no “right” way to grow your business, but there are different paths and forks in the road that change the course of a company’s growth trajectory. This course is designed as a road map to help a CEO get from point A to point B successfully and execute on their growth initiative. With any new journey, you need to know the Rules of the Road. Please see below.

Let’s get started!


Before anyone embarks on a trip, it is important to understand the Rules of the Road.  Throughout this course, I will present the Rules of Road for a business owner on their journey.

  1. This is your business and is an extension of who you are.  Do not forget where you started and where you want to end up. Make smart business decisions while remembering your vision, mission, and passion.
  2. Without adequate capital, it is impossible to be the best you can be and will slow down the process.
  3. Your team is the heart and soul of your business.  Without them it is a lonely journey.
  4. Create a legacy. Foster your brand.  Find a way to remain relevant.
  5. Always remain passionate. Passion when you start, passion when you grow, passion in others, and passion for the next thing.