Stay true to who you are


Stay true to who you are and why you started your company

Keep in mind, this is your business and an extension of who you are. Do not forget where you started. Remember, your team believed in you and what you were doing from the beginning. To that point, never forget that fundamentally there are aspects of who you are (the name and face of the brand) and what your company is providing that has intrinsic value.

Your company has been successful because there is something about what you are providing to consumers that resonates with them. At your core and at the foundation of your company, there are certain beliefs that make you unique. These should be evident in your vision and mission statements. Everyone in the company needs to know the company’s vision and mission like the back of their hand. Post your mission statement in your office and on your website. Let it show in the look and feel of the products or services. Believing in something is just as important to your customers as it is to you and your team. Make smart business decisions while remembering your mission, vision, and passion. To stay relevant, you need to constantly evaluate and ask, “Does your current look and feel produce the message and belief you are trying to convey, and does it attract the type of customer who will buy your product or service?”

Establish a presence that can withstand the test of time. You must maintain your place in the market, but update as needed to stay relevant. You will need to make adjustments and evolve over time or unfortunately, you may become extinct and your company could fail. Always be thinking of what is necessary to sustain your company currently and what changes need to be made to propel your business forward.

Although the consuming public can be fickle, there will always be a reason for consumers to buy your product or service if you stay true to who you are and remain open to feedback from your publics. Keep in mind, customers come and go and trends are just that, trends. What is important is to stay ahead of the trends and know what is going on in the marketplace, while staying true to your brand and beliefs.

Always know who are your customers, as well as what they want and need. It is just as important to know what your competition is offering. Test the water; ask others what they think of your message and your product or service. Be willing to listen to the suggestions of others. Keep in mind, you do not have to make wholesale changes. Try switching to new packaging, maybe a line extension, maybe version 2.0 of the company or of a product or service. Each of these represents a change to your existing products, but none of them completely change who your company is and what the company offers. No change needs to completely deviate from your original mission; never lose yourself or your core beliefs in these cosmetic changes.

In addition, never change who you are at your core and what you believe in for anyone — not your employees, not your customers, not your investors. Find the right people who understand you and the company. Trust me, they are out there; they might just be a little hard to find at times. It is a big world, and there will always be someone who is unaware of your company and who is the perfect target customer.

You have worked so hard to make your company what it is today and while you may not always be in control of the name and face of the company, you have enough say and foresight to always do what is necessary for long term success. If you are able to do that, believe that you are successful and have accomplished your original mission, all while remaining true to who you are and the reason you have worked so hard.

September 17, 2019

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