As with any adventure, there are key elements that help ensure you will get where you are headed. Think of what you will learn from this course as setting the ground work for your company’s ability to thrive and grow.

Survival Kit – Those things you always must have:

  • Operations: a process for everything so you know what you are doing and why
  • Finances: good reports tell you how much you need and having funds fuel your growth.
  • Team: a right hand person who you trust and will challenge you and support you.
  • Brand: a consistent message and the ability to convey it.

The materials of this course are organized around the key functional areas of every business:





In order to help you remember how an atlas can be used as your guide and how there is a process to prepare for and execute on a plan, I have assigned a topic to each letter of the word ATLAS:

A: Assess

T: Time

L: Learn

A: Action

S: Success

So You Want to Grow Your Business – Let’s Get Started!


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